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Annual Guest Cards

Full members can purchase an Annual Guest Card which provides similar privileges as a Full membership, including access to the Members Enclosure on all four days of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. An Annual Guest Card is transferrable so can be shared with friends and family members.

The only exclusions are Annual Guest Card holders have no voting rights and are not permitted in The Members Bar, a members only area.

Annual Guests Cards can be purchased at any time via the VRC Member Portal, My VRC.

Price: $611


Annual Unreserved Car Park

An Annual Member Car Pass can be purchased for use in the Members Unreserved Car Park on all race days.

Members Unreserved Car Park Passes can be purchased along with payment of your membership. Parking is subject to availability.

Annual Unreserved Car Parks can be purchased at any time via the VRC Member Portal, My VRC.

Members Unreserved Car Park Pass: $111

Annual Reserved Car Park

Members can access Annual Reserved Car Sites at Flemington that provides personalised space with access to the site for all race days across the season.

An Annual Reserved Car Site includes

  • A reserved Car Park in the front section of the Members Car Park
  • A personalised sign post with your name and car site number
  • Car Park sticker with allocated site number

There is currently a waiting list for Annual Reserved Car Sites.

To express your interest and be on the waiting list, please complete the form below.

Annual Reserved Car Sites: $925


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